Sandwiches and Fast Foods

Freshly cooked and packed daily with only the finest ingredients to offer the best taste and keep you satisfied. Samboosa – A selection of cheese, vegetables and chicken Falafel Sandwich Hot Dog Sandwich Cheese Sandwich Burgers Many More



Fruit Juices, Drinks & Ice Lollies

Variety of soothing and refreshing flavors



Natural Potato Chips Megachips

Produced from premium natural potatoes with great flavors and cooked with the world’s most efficient equipment that reduce unnecessary sugar and oil levels to ensure the best quality of potato chips.

Flavors Include:

Fresh Chilli and Salsa

Sea Salt and Vinegar

Tomato Ketchup

Sea Salt

Cheese and Onion

Many more





Fried Extruded Snacks


Made from natural corn grits imported from Europe and cooked to produce the highest quality and introduce a delicious crunching taste.

Flavors Include:

Flamin’ Hot

Creamy Cheddar


Many more



Pellet Snacks


Produced using different shapes and sizes from ready-made pellet snacks and seasoned with a range of flavors to satisfy any taste buds.

Types & Flavors Include:

Nacho Cheese

Sour Cream and Chives

Sweet Chilli Pepper


Cream Cheese

Many more